Company Profile

Company’s Evolution – From Drop to River

The Company, Shivam Computer Services, which made humble beginning in April 1996 with two computer systems and an office area of 300 sq. ft. has witnessed a tremendous growth. After eight years, it is registered as Samudra Technologies. is a leading Solution Provider company, Gujarat, India.
Company provides customized Industry Automation and IT solutions to industries like Milk Processing Dairies, Co-Operative Milk Societies, Credit co-operative Societies, Schools, Measurement Device Manufacturers', Testing Equipment Manufacturers' etc. Company’s development center in India, work with a variety of business and technology partners to design and implement projects onsite and offsite. The company’s emphasis is on acquiring an in-depth knowledge of customers' context and needs, and designing solutions that are fine-tuned to these needs.

Background – An overview of Automation Technology
The whole purpose of Automation technology is to simplify the way everything works, take care of jobs that are routine yet require a high degree of accuracy, store more and more of information as databases, provide efficient and powerful tools for design and development and so on. Basically, it is a total that allows the intelligence of the human brain to progress to higher levels of performance.

Nothing in the world moves without computers today. Walk into any modern establishment and you will immediately see it performing tasks, which were unheard of just a few years ago. Its power touches every one and every function. You see its application in all forms and shapes. It helps reduce long queues in supermarket and ticket counters. It flies sophisticated planes. It provides automation tools on the desktop and laptop for corporate executives. IT moves assembly lines in factories. It redefines entertainment with special effects used in Cinema. It makes the worlds small with amazing communication capabilities, bring instant information from the world over.

Our company, as an organization, strives to catalyze the process of development of Technology in the country. It is a commitment of financial success with accompanying commitment to values and a commitment to all stake holders- private sectors, government bodies as well as sectors across the borders.

Our Mission
Our mission at Samudra Technologies is to meet the ever growing needs of clients and to respond creatively and competitively with quality services to achieve high level of expertise in software Development and utilization, ultimately which would raise the quality of life. Our in depth brief in local cultures and markets are our unparalleled inheritance and the foundation of our future growth. We make serious endeavors to bring together our knowledge base , years of experience and down to earth approach to give best services and quality to our clients. Our long term success requires a total commitment to exceptional standards of performance and productivity, to working together effectively and to a willingness to embrace new ideas and learn continuously. We believe that to succeed one requires, to maintain the highest standard of human resource values and to respect every individual’s involvement. This is our path to achieve sustainable business growth and long term values creation for our stakeholders and employees.

Our Team of Professionals
We do not consider the physical infrastructure as our greatest assets. The Human Resource available with us is our greatest asset. This includes highly qualified team of software professionals, backs the company with expertise skills ranging varied subjects. Company has dedicated full time Electronics and IT Engineers with varied areas of specialization and experience.

Company’s Motto
The company’s motto is 100% Satisfaction of customer through three principles, "Solutions, Support & Security".

Service Practice

  • Dairy ( Raw Milk Receiving Dock ) use for Bulk Milk Collection
  • Automatic Milk Collection System
  • Autosampling Device
  • Measurement Devices
  • Milk Testing Devices
  • Animal Milking Machine
  • Credit and Consumer Co-Op. Societies
  • Milk Co-Operative Societies
  • Weigh scale Automation use for weigh bridge
  • Schools Automation
  • Web Development
  • Accounting
  • Transport Companies
  • On line Inventory

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Samudra Technologies
3rd Floor, "SAMUDRA", Suresh Mehta Chawk, Ambica Nagar Road, Palanpur. 385 001. Banaskantha. Gujarat. India. Phone : 91-2742- 259381
TeleFax : 91-2742-259381
Mobile : 91- 99250 44214
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